Macbeth at Lincoln Center

For a show whose name can’t be spoken within the walls of a theatre, Macbeth seems to be on everyone’s tongue these days. Lincoln Center is mounting a production starring Ethan Hawke, with Jack O’Brien as director. We’ll be seeing it soon, but here’s what Lincoln Center has to say about it:

In a production drenched in black, and glinting with blood red and dazzling white, MACBETH reveals itself to be Shakespeare’s most powerful and darkest nightmare; a terrifying parable for our own time in which we, too, are urged to take more and more chances, whatever the consequences. Shakespeare has the answer: MACBETH is the consequence. We must beware!

And a trailer:

Macbeth will be opening tomorrow, November 21st, and it just so happens we have a discount code we can share with you! It’s only good through tomorrow, so get those tickets fast! Use code MACBLOG89 on or visit this link.

For more info on Lincoln Center, check out their:
Twitter: @LCTheater

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