Patty & Emily & The Scottish Play (Again)

No, you’re not reading a post from six months ago, when we saw Alan Cumming’s one (three) man production of Macbeth. This is a NEW post about Lincoln Center’s current production of Macbeth, featuring a full cast and starring Ethan Hawke and Anne-Marie Duff!


This production had an industrial feel to the costumes and staging, using a lot of metals and blacks. Emily really wanted Brian d’Arcy James’s boots, so if someone could give us the info on where they came from that would be great. There was also a cinematic feel to the staging and music, with dramatic (and loud) pre-recorded scene transitions. While the fights were a little lackluster, the lighting was amazing.


The supporting cast was great. They made a choice by casting men as the witches, though why was never really made clear. The witches also took the places of ensemble members (at times quite cleverly), so as to magnify their manipulation of Macbeth’s tale. Other than these exceptions, it’s a fairly straightforward production of one of Shakespeare’s most well known plays.

Also, if you’ve ever wanted to know what BDJ looks like with a bunch of knives stuck in his head, now is your chance!

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