Episode 20: Rawr

Patty & Emily share with you a very important Carolee Update, and discuss the two shows they saw this week that they can actually talk about: The Lion and Shaina Taub’s American Songbook concert. They also talk a little more Anastasia and rejoice in the forthcoming John and Jen cast recording.

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2 thoughts on “Episode 20: Rawr

  1. Okay, so first off, love the podcast and I always look forward to Mondays and Thursdays. Secondly, I have a question for y’all. When I was in NYC this past summer, I did 7 shows in the 6 days I was there, all discounted, but not AS discounted as I would’ve liked (even though, on a whim, I found a $65 2nd row mezz ticket for A Gentlemen’s Guide on StubHub, to which I squealed and got some looks from people waiting for Schmackary’s). I may be coming in May, and I really want to know the best ways to rush for tickets. Like, do y’all have any tips, suggested time to get to the box office, etc. Do people wait longer for the rush policies when the box office opens or the 3-hour before curtain policies? Any rush help would be appreciated! Looking forward to Carolee! (Side Note: Saw the touring production of Motown on a free ticket, since I sure as hell wasn’t paying for that book…woof…and the Straz Center has a restaurant called Maestro’s, which is a prefix menu fancy schmancy restaurant (ALSO FREE, CAUSE I WOULD NOT BE PAYING THOSE PRICES) that changes the menu for each show. I chose as my entree the Berry Gourdy, and let me tell you, nothing is better than eating a broadway pun)

  2. Hey ladies,

    So I have the movie Emily was scared of with the black cloud that is terrifying. It is called Little Nemo. I ky remember because, like Emily, I was TERRIFIED by that movie. And there is a HUGE ASS BLACK CLOUD that sucks up everything. Once Emily described it I knew. Hope this is helpful!! Love you ladies.

    Jimmy (operajimbo91)

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