Episode 31: Orange is the New Tonys

It’s our first post-Tonys show! We talk about the show itself, and the repercussions, i.e. the closing notices of The Visit and Gigi. Patty talks about her trip to Philadelphia, and they talk about some casting and theatre news. And with the release of season three of Orange is the New Black, a fan sends us a dreamcast to discuss.

4 thoughts on “Episode 31: Orange is the New Tonys

  1. Hi Patty and Emily!

    I love your videos and podcasts so much, I always respect your opinions, and normally agree with them. I wanted to tell you that Memphis in Philadelphia is not a non equity tour, it actually isn’t a tour. It’s a profession regional production at The Walnut Street Theatre (America’s oldest theatre.) The playbill had denotes at the end of each cast members name marking if they were equity or not and I counted, 20 out of 24 cast members were equity. I’m from Philly and I saw it about 5 weeks ago. Just thought I’d tell you. The show was absolutely incredible and I wish you could have seen it! Again, love the videos, you two never fail to make me laugh. 🙂

    Neil Devlin

  2. Hey guys, love the show! Apologies if you’ve already discussed it but I’m curious about what your dream cast of the Falsettos revival would look like? Also any opinions/hopes for the production?

  3. I want to be a film director eventually, and I would love to adapt Next to Normal. I don’t know if you two like Next to Normal, but I suffer from mental illness so when I found this musical it really stuck a chord with me. Anyway, here’s some cast changes I would make:
    – the Goodman family is now black
    – Natalie and Henry are now Natalie and Avery

    Who would you dream cast?
    Obviously Audra McDonald would make a great Diana.

    I=GREAT!! (1976)
    II=GOOD! (1979)
    III=Below avg.
    IV=Below avg.
    VI/Rebooted as “Rocky Balboa”=GOOD!
    VII/Technically follows Rocky II=TBD (Opens Nov. 25th as CREED)

    I hope this info is useful. Luv your shows, hire me to do your stats 😉 Just kidding, make me an intern!!

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