The 4th Annual Shmazie Award Recipients

When we send out the Shmazies, we ask that the recipients send us a photo of their certificate! We’ll be updating this as (hopefully) more arrive!

“So proud! Thank you to my pin curls and Miss Clairol 43r and of course Patty & Emily …My mom will know I’ve made it!” – Carolee Carmello, Exceptional Fucking Hair, IRL

Carolee Shmazie


“Read it and weep bitches.” – Jackie Hoffman, Exceptional Featured Actress in a Revival of a Musical




Jackie Hoffman Shmazie


“Thank you Patty & Emily! Tho unclear if this is a compliment or you’re saying I’m an asshole, or a donkey.” – Alysha Umphress, Exceptional Ass of an Actress

Alysha Umphress Shmazie

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