Episode 35: And…Burke Moses!

Patty & Emily talk about the opening of Fool for Love, James Earl Jones’s and Cicely Tyson’s views on entrance applause, and a bunch of casting, including The Color PurpleThe Secret Garden, and Gigantic. They also have a very special Carolee Update.

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3 thoughts on “Episode 35: And…Burke Moses!

  1. Your opening made me laugh because I happened to see Fool For Love and Trip of Love (for the second time) on the same day. I did not like Fool For Love much either. It was rather bland and aimless and for short play it felt quite long. I’ve certainly seen worse plays but this did nothing for me. The part about the “transaction scene” was very true. I suppose there’s something to be said about the hold the characters and their secret (assuming it wasn’t all or partially a lie) have on each other but to have them keep leaving the scene and coming back was just dull to watch on stage. I think it would have been slightly more effective on film but in the theatre you know they have to come back at some point so there’s no tension. You’re just waiting for it to happen.

  2. I bought a ticket for that concert of The Secret Garden before any casting was announced. I am very excited to see Sydney Lucas again but I hope they figure out the Equity thing.

    Also, yes, Julianna Margulies is shockingly thin in person.

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