Episode 39: Blood Sisters

Patty & Emily discuss what they learned at the Interval sponsored event “Ambition and Hunger with Jeanine Tesori.” They also talk about First Daughter Suite, and recent announcements about Southern ComfortWaitress casting, and Disaster! coming to Broadway. Plus, another one of your dreamcasts!

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2 thoughts on “Episode 39: Blood Sisters

  1. Maybe a Trans-woman of Color would make a great guest on the show to discuss these matters as a person inside the Trans community. Reaching out as in the case of the twitter debate with the Asian person who was unaffected by a screwball comedy’s depiction of a Hawaiian prostitute in HONEYMOON IN VEGAS. Maybe a 2nd (non-white) opinion would be more balanced than kneejerk reactions as if there was a monumental Conspiracy to not evolve as a society. Blame capitalism, these producers want to sell seats. And when this trans-show does open, will that community come out and support it or just make catty comments on twitter about which people got cast, and who’s not in the show. It all comes down to money, and no one wants to spend it on theater that’s in the white neighborhoods when they can get food, drink, & friends in their own neighborhood. Sorry, now I’m getting on my soapbox, All I’m saying is: MORE GUESTS related to the topic, don’t lay this heavy shit on your own white shoulders. You’ve done shows with 3 or 4 people, reach out!

  2. I agree that there was something offensive and problematic in each section of First Daughter Suite but I did enjoy the show. The story/fantasy choices bothered me more than the parts that were borderline offensive. I thought all the ghosts and the dream sequence was unnecessary and I agree there was more interesting and valuable territory to mine in the real lives of these women, not just fantasies built largely out of conjecture. One thing that struck me is the actress who plays the maid character in the Reagan section. In the first song she is actually supposed to be the first female Latina president. Why not explore that story if it’s going to be fantasy? Or be brave and tackle some of the real conflicts in the lives of the Clintons and Obamas? LaChuisa seemed to shy away from real depth and relevance. There were parts of the score that were eloquent but they still never said anything new or original. The cast was incredibly talented and sang the music beautifully. I will get the album if it’s not on Spotify.

    The Disaster! cast is amazing. I am the most excited for Rachel York and Faith Prince.

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