Episode 46: Mother Courage

Patty & Emily discuss all the shows closing this week, as the January slaughter begins, and Patty’s viewing of Nunsense. Most of the discussion is this week’s biggest story: Tonya Pinkins’s exit from CSC’s production of Mother Courage. They also talk about the excellent casting news of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child and The Secret Garden and updates on the Hudson Theatre. They have some questions for their British listeners.

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One thought on “Episode 46: Mother Courage

  1. So glad you’re back!

    I did not end up seeing any shows over the Christmas holiday. No real excuse. I was just feeling lazy. I did end up seeing Mother Courage though (not around Christmas) before all of this drama unfolded. It was not a very good production. Tonya Pinkins was by far the best thing about it. She is just a remarkable actress. The rest of the cast as rather uneven and the production was very flawed and quite dull. Forget the Congo. They failed at capturing even “vague Africa.” And with Duncan Sheik music? No.

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