Episode 49: Winter Storm Bette

Patty & Emily discuss the blizzard and its effect on Broadway: shows canceled, BroadwayCon guests, and travel plans. They talk about saying goodbye to Spring Awakening and Matthew Morrison and saying hello to Bloody, Bloody Angela Lansbury and Molly Pope! But they main announcements they discuss are BETTE MIDLER COMING BACK TO BROADWAY and Cats. BETTE MIDLER!

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One thought on “Episode 49: Winter Storm Bette

  1. I did not leave my house during the blizzard. I should get boots that aren’t heels.

    I didn’t really learn about Rent until the movie came out. I probably have kinder feelings towards the movie than a lot of people because it was my first exposure to that score but I still recognized its flaws.

    How expensive are Hello Dolly tickets going to be? Do you think they’ll have a rush? Aside from Bette being cast, I have no strong feelings about the show. I watched the movie maybe two or three times many years ago.

    I’m curious if Cats will be a big hit in this era of Broadway. I have no real desire to see it unless they cast amazing people I just can’t resist. I’m not a big Andrew Lloyd Webber fan aside from Evita. I’d probably see it for Nicole Scherzinger.

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