Episode 53: History

Patty & Emily talk The King and I: from Ann Sanders history-making performance to Marin Mazzie replacing. Patty convinces Emily to give The Humans a try, and they discuss Hairspray Live, Paper Mill’s next season, the Drama Book Shop, and Nerds casting. Plus, who is the new Tweet of the Week?!

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4 thoughts on “Episode 53: History

  1. Side notes:
    ***Anna Leonowens (not Leowens)
    Leap of Faith was four years ago
    Analisa Leaming (the Anna standby) DOES wear a red wig

    • Whoops, it’s totally Reed Birney. I (Patty) knew that and just confused my white men in the moment. We’ll correct it on next week’s episode. Thanks for the info on Analisa’s wig, and what did we say about when Leap of Faith was?

  2. I saw Ken and Kelli in previews. Then I went back to see Hoon Lee. I wish I could go back to see Marin but it’s probably not going to happen unless there are discounts.

    The only thing I’m interested in from Papermill is The Bodyguard.

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