Episode 56: Haters Back Off

Patty makes a correction, and then she and Emily talk about the Parade concert and Boy. They dive into the unfortunate Nerds cancelation and Patti Murin’s blog post about the BWW message boards. There’s also Anastasia casting and Emily practically buys her MegaBus ticket to Hartford. And Crazy Ex-Girlfriend gets a season two pickup!

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One thought on “Episode 56: Haters Back Off

  1. I’m jealous that you saw Julia Murney and Sebastian Arcelus in Wicked. They do my favorite version of “As Long As You’re Mine.”

    Please report back on Anastasia!

    Everything that has happened with Patti Murin and everyone else weighing in about BWW has been a giant mess. I don’t think anyone looks that great coming out of it and it’s kind of affected my opinion of some actors. The message boards aren’t perfect but I’m grateful for a relatively active place where I can go to talk about theatre. I never would have found this podcast without that board. For me, the good far outweighs the bad. BWW is pretty tame as far as the internet goes. Matthew Murray has tweeted most of what I would like to say more articulately than I can in my current depressed mood.


    I love Crazy Ex-Girlfriend though I’m a little upset it took Santino Fontana away from a concert I was going to see him in. I remember Gabrielle in If/Then. LaChanze was out so Tamika covered and Gabrielle played the assistant.

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