Episode 65: Broadway Babies

Patty & Emily talk about Broadway’s baby fever, what with Audra and Annaleigh’s pregnancies and Waitress and Bright Star. They also talk about all the castings, for CatsCharlie and the Chocolate Factory, The MUNY, and more. And Encores! next season is announced, which Patty is especially happy about.

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One thought on “Episode 65: Broadway Babies

  1. I need to see Heather Headley AND Rema Webb as Shug in The Color Purple.

    I love the way you say “tour.”

    It would be too difficult for me to do a top 5. I would have to split it up. Like, top 5 scores/albums. And top 5 shows I’ve actually seen. And top 5 experiences in the theatre because there’s a difference between a show that’s objectively and a show I subjectively give bonus points. Too stressful.

    I will have more to say in the comments of the other episode but yes, Daniel and Marin played that scene where he pulls her in at the waist with the most sexual intensity, though I still think Hoon Lee and Kelli O’Hara had the most chemistry in that respect. And as an Asian American, I’m totally fine with The King and I. Well, mostly fine. No show is perfect.

    I finally listened to the Cats album. I CAN’T. Not in a good way.

    Yay, Elena Shaddow!

    As of this moment, I know almost nothing about Falsettos. But that’s a great cast. I hope they have rush.

    I loved Do I Hear A Waltz? It was the only ticket I bought this season and though it wasn’t perfect, I was so happy to see that whole show with all the songs in context. I’m most interested in The Golden Apple but I’ll consider the other two based on casting.

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