Episode 14: Rasheeda Speaking, Runs a Minute, and Dreamcasts!

A special episode, Patty & Emily go through a bunch of the dreamcasts you’ve sent in. They also discuss the play Rasheeda Speaking and the concert If It Only Even Runs a Minute.

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2 thoughts on “Episode 14: Rasheeda Speaking, Runs a Minute, and Dreamcasts!

  1. Hi Patty and Emily.Since I know you girls love drea casts,here is a dreamcast for a future movie adaptation of Ragtime:

    •Lenny Kravitz as Coalhouse Walker,Jr.
    •Beyoncé Knowles as Sarah
    •Amy Adams as Mother
    •Donal Logue as Tateh
    •Jeremy Jordan as Mother’s Younger Brother
    •James Corden as Father
    •Bill Murray as Grandfather
    •John Allyn as Edgar (The Little Boy)
    •Ava DeMary as The Little Girl

    •Amanda Seyfried as Evelyn Nesbit
    •Fred Weller as Harry Houdini
    •Christine Baranski as Emma Goldman
    •Benedict Cumberbatch as Henry Ford
    •Terence Stamp as J.P. Morgan
    •Colman Domingo as Booker T. Washington
    •Jason Schwartzman as Stanford White
    •Taran Killam as Harry K. Thaw
    •Donald Sutherland as Robert Peary
    •Seth MacFarlane as Charles S. Whitman

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