Episode 15: What Did We Miss?

Patty & Emily discuss some of the announcements that came while Emily was away, like The Secret Garden Concert and Ever After casting. Patty talks about an important show she saw, Breaking the Silence, and we take another of your dreamcasts! Plus, we ask for your help on questions you may have for Erin Davie and Emily Padgett because we’re interviewing them!

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2 thoughts on “Episode 15: What Did We Miss?

  1. Questions for Emily & Erin:
    Who made you the most starstruck when meeting them?

    Is there any particular roles you’ve always wanted to play?

    Favorite Schmackary’s cookie?

    First Broadway show you saw?

    Favorite TV Show?

    Thanks ladies and hope to see you in your next projects!

  2. Are you guys going to see Hunchback at Paper Mill? Do you guys have high hopes or preconceived notions or opinions about it?

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