Episode 42: Julie Andrews’s Tarts

Patty & Emily discuss the play Hir at Playwrights Horizons, and the sad truth of January closings on Broadway, including the newly announced Dames at Sea. They talk about the availability of Broadway shows on DVD and streaming and the possibility of a new Gyspy revival. And of course what they’re looking forward to seeing in the coming week!

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2 thoughts on “Episode 42: Julie Andrews’s Tarts

  1. You guys are just great! So witty, intelligent and thoughtful. I was very happy when you mentioned Imelda in your Podcast. I was lucky enough to see her performance twice for which I flew in all the way from Munich, Germany. What an incredible actress! I was wondering what you guys think of a movie adaption of the Gypsy. Do you think it’s a good idea? And who should play Rose? Patti, Imelda or really Barbra Streisand? Or someone else? My dreamcasting would be Meryl Streep. What are your thoughts? I would be so happy to hear them. Much love from Germany and keep doing what you do! Liebe Grüße!

  2. I enjoyed Dames at Sea though I think it missed the mark on tone and satire and the way she played it I found Eloise Kropp’s character incredibly irritating. Still, fabulous tapping and I’m sad more people aren’t seeing it.

    I really enjoyed Therese Raquin. It did feel long but I loved the staging and Keira Knightley gave a strong performance. Judith Light slayed me in act 2. I do like period pieces but it was surprisingly sexy and I think Keira Knightley was allowed to be odd in a way that she perhaps wants to be but doesn’t get to fully indulge in her film work.

    Sylvia has an amazing cast. I don’t like the play very much but it made for a relatively fun night out. I am not surprised that it hasn’t caught on though.

    I need to go see Allegiance.

    I’m not planning on seeing Chicago again but they do need to fix up the Ambassador.

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