Episode 41: Food for Thought

Patty & Emily talk Thanksgiving and the wacky holiday Broadway schedules. They discuss the reading of the show What We Look Like they saw earlier in the day. And lots of announcements to discuss, including Lea Salonga in Fun HomeMiss Saigon‘s return, Bombshell, and Jesse Tyler Ferguson coming back to Broadway!

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One thought on “Episode 41: Food for Thought

  1. I feel like Broadway’s Rising Stars at Town Hall and seeing little off-Broadway shows and concerts is the closest I get to seeing anyone before they hit it big. Oh, and there was the Fringe festival show I saw. I think it would be cool to see how a show evolves but generally I don’t like going in previews because I assume I can only afford to see a show once.

    I saw Miss Saigon but I was very young and I think we threw away the Playbill. The one time I remember actually seeing Lea Salonga perform, we happened to be in the Philippines and I saw her do Cinderella. It was magical. I wish she would do Fun Home here.

    I’m conflicted about Miss Saigon coming back because I want to support large Asian casts but that show is really kind of racist. No, it’s super racist. And yet, I’m still attached to it because Lea Salonga and because for a long time I always thought about it as one of the very few parts I could ever get cast in as a lead. But yeah, really racist.

    Your tangents are really fun. Talk about diets and periods all you want.

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