Episode 71: GayGayGay

Patty & Emily lament the closing of The King and I and Bright Star and talk about the announced closings of An American in ParisFun Home, and Shuffle Along (and all the nonsense that followed). They also decided that the Shakespeare in the Park Taming of the Shrew is not only super gay, but also the only production that ever needs to exist. Also, whoever can help get them into the Ragtime concert on Ellis Island, they will be forever grateful.

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2 thoughts on “Episode 71: GayGayGay

  1. hey girls great podcast episode! Hopefully we get a cast recording for shuffle along. Patty – love never dies(the australian production) is going on tour and heading to broadway in 2017-18 season & i’m planning on seeing at ppac(providence performing arts center) if doesn’t get cancelled on me or can’t get tickets.
    what’s your opinion on the spogebob musical? i’d love your guys comments and funny banter about it.
    personally I think it’s stupid,wasteful idea hope it gets bad reviews and dies on the road(along with Disney’s frozen musical!) that aside did you know/hear about there’s Stephen schwartz musical reveue show called magic to do with princess cruise line,they’ll be a cast recording of it & pre-ordered at amazon.com.
    p.s: this my first time leaving a comment at your site:)

  2. Ticket stress is terrible when you’re going on a date.

    I missed The Taming of the Shrew. It was my own fault. I was lazy about waiting in line and I spent my nights off binge-watching Nashville. It’s good I saw The King and I three times because this was a bad weekend for me to try and see something. I also wanted to see Bright Star for a second time… and didn’t.

    I need to go see The Color Purple again. I’m going to be very busy for NYMF. I’m not sure if I should go before or after.

    Oh, that’s why you weren’t counting Hamilton.

    Kristin is great casting for Velma. Though honestly, I still haven’t watched Grease or The Wiz.

    I’m debating if I want to go back to An American in Paris to see Leanne Cope. Maybe if I hold out long enough Robert Fairchild will come back. Though I did like Garin Scribner. I didn’t love the story.

    It’s sad that Fun Home is closing but I got to see it twice with the OBC and amazing replacements so I can’t complain.

    Shuffle Along. WHAT IN THE HELL? I refuse to go along with the people saying this is “smart producing.” So many shows operate at a loss for months. I’m not even asking for that. But closing immediately after Audra is scheduled to leave? When they’re selling so well? Wouldn’t smart producing be to try to market the show in her absence? Now I’m going to have to go into intense planning mode to figure out when I can see it again. I feel like the people in charge didn’t even TRY.

    This Ragtime sounds crazy amazing. Why is it invitation only? 🙁

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