Episode 72: Black Lives Matter

Patty & Emily talk about Blood Brothers at 54 Below and She Loves Me, which unfortunately won’t be getting a video review. They talk about the new cast of Hamilton, which they’ll never get to see and the cast of Hairspray Live! It was a tough week personally and in America. Black lives matter.

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One thought on “Episode 72: Black Lives Matter

  1. She Loves Me didn’t shock me because I’m very familiar with The Shop Around the Corner and to a lesser extent In the Good Old Summertime. But I’m kind of with Emily. I can see why people like it and there were some great things in this revival but it just didn’t completely work for me. I didn’t get swept up in it. I do want to revisit the livestream recording in a couple of months. Part of it for me was knowing the movie so well and while I enjoyed the songs, I think the story was better expressed in the movie. I highly recommend checking it out.

    My repeat experience that I somewhat regret was Fun Home. I appreciated seeing different actors in the parts but the first time I saw it was such a profound, emotional experience. And the second time I saw it I was just much more detached. Also, I enjoyed Emily objectifying the new Christopher in Curious Incident.

    I want War Paint to transfer SO badly.

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