Episode 73: Jellicle PodCATS

Patty & Emily talk about the magic of Alice Ripley and Emily Skinner and how we almost got to hear her sing “Memory” 8 times a week in CatsCats is back, by the way. They discuss casting announcements for Pacific OverturesSunday in the Park with George, and Freaky Friday. They also Encores questionable casting breakdowns and discuss a really great dreamcast.

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One thought on “Episode 73: Jellicle PodCATS

  1. Ugh. Cats. Can you please make a video addressing how to carry on a conversation with someone who is really excited about Cats when you hate Cats? I don’t want to rain on their parade but I also can’t be fake about it. At least when someone asks me if I liked the show they were just in, I can just quickly lie and say yes. I can debate the merits of many shows but not Cats. I need the fall/spring shows to come in soon.

    I loved your conversation about memory. I definitely get where you’re coming from. I think it’s natural but it’s something that gets amplified/you have to acknowledge it more when you see a lot of shows. Frankly, a lot of times shows have little to no emotional impact on me now or I forget them very quickly once I leave the theatre. That’s also a quality issue but it is hard to hold the memory of even great shows in my mind.

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