Episode 77: Escape from L.A.

Emily talks about finally seeing Rachel York in Grey Gardens, visiting Aimee Semple’s church, and how she still hates L.A. Patty talks about the American Psycho concert at 54 Below and the Rebecca episode of “American Greed.” They go over the stories of the week, including Cynthia Erivo and Joshua Henry in The Last Five Years, Norm Lewis in Man of LaMancha, and ATC’s upcoming Rock’n’Roll Gospel play.

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One thought on “Episode 77: Escape from L.A.

  1. Oh, Emily, I feel you on those perfect seat experiences. They’re so rare and wonderful, especially when you’re 5’3 like me and so many nights get ruined by having a tall person sitting in front of you. I’m happy you loved Grey Gardens. I hope Rachel comes back to NY in another show so I can see it.

    I wanted to go to the American Psycho concert but I didn’t like the music in that show (or Spring Awakening that much) and I’m trying to be better about saving money so I can see people in the shows that I really want to see them in.

    I like Sweet Charity. I know the score relatively well and I watched the movie. The movie drags a little but it’s very much worth checking out.

    “I am here for the stories about ladies.” YES!

    I didn’t see Finding Neverland. I had so much time. I thought about go to see one person or another in the show. But in the end, yeah, I was never motivated enough.

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