Episode 78: One Woman Repertory

Patty & Emily are not happy with The Last Five Years ticket situation, but they are excited about the Fun Home tour. They also discuss the stories of the week, including Kate Baldwin’s upcoming concert, the Sweeney Todd revival, tick, tick… BOOM! casting, and recent scandals. They also stumble (along) on a great idea for a repertory theatre and discuss one of your dreamcasts!

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One thought on “Episode 78: One Woman Repertory

  1. I’m generally not pro-bootleg but I’m happy The Last Five Years concert sold out so they raised a bunch of money for their cause… and also bootlegs started appearing immediately after the concert so I got a taste of the genius of Cynthia Errivo and Joshua Henry.

    I love when Emily gets fired up. And it wasn’t even 5 minutes into the episode.

    I saw Fun Home once with the full original cast and once when Rebecca Luker stepped in and I feel satisfied with that.

    I saw the other Sheen Center shows but I missed the Georgia Stitt concert. I’m sad now that I know Derrick Baskin was there. He was so good in Whorl Inside a Loop. And I’ve only sort of heard him sing in Rosewater. And I love Elena Shaddow. But I went to her recent 54 Below show and that was fantastic so I can’t complain too much.

    I don’t think about it too much because it’s so stressful but yeah, if I thought about it I could remember a lot (if not all) of the times I’ve been late or almost late to a show. The only time I can remember really being that annoyed at the ushers flashing the flashlights around is when I went to see a concert at the New York Society For Ethical Culture. It was like a proper concert with two openers so people were showing up at all times but the venue looks like a church and there’s assigned seating… ugh, it was a mess.

    I love this dream cast. Good job, Dylan.

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