Episode 79: Merch Haul

Patty & Emily talk about the indestructible The Color Purple and can’t wait to see Jennifer Holliday step in. They also discuss the differences between styles of show cups and merch mugs. Other news stories discussed are how The Woodsman will be on PBS and then BroadwayHD and if you can, you should check it out, Cats really are afraid of water, and the upcoming Beaches reboot.

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One thought on “Episode 79: Merch Haul

  1. I really want to go back to The Color Purple. I feel like it’s been enough time so it’s not so fresh in my mind and it’s closing soon. I’m still kicking myself for missing Heather Headley.

    I have a flask and two shotglasses from Doctor Zhivago that I don’t use and I have a Tuck Everlasting mug I bought at the theater because the design was just so cute and tied into the actual show. All my other merch is Flea merch. I felt a little silly buying Aladdin cups (like the ones they use selling refreshments) but they’re super useful because they’re covered. I like regular-sized mugs for a single serving size of tea or something. I already have plenty of 16-25 oz water bottles for water. I go through periods when I put things on walls. When it starts to feel cluttered I end up going back to bare walls but I’ve had to start putting concert posters up again after my dog had a moment a chewed up one of the posters I had rolled up and lying within reach.

    I’m glad they recorded The Woodsman. More people should see it.

    I listened to the OBC album. I just really don’t like the music for Cats. Maybe if someone gave me a ticket I would enjoy the camp of the stage show but I don’t feel compelled to see it.

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