Episode 82: Make It So

Patty & Emily talk about the Honest Accomplice Theatre benefit and the important work they’re doing. Last week, they went to the National Black Theatre’s event for Sweet and The Bad Years in Brooklyn. And they discuss the stories of the week, including Hello, Dolly! casting, Judy Kuhn going into Fiddler on the Roof, and Leona Lewis coming out of Cats.

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One thought on “Episode 82: Make It So

  1. I wish I could have gone to the benefit. I forget what I had going on that night but I saw you tweet about it and couldn’t make it.

    Yes to Emily’s mediocre/pure trash rant. It’s great that wonderful things are being produced but I am so tired of everything produced by or starring “minority” talent needing to be brilliant because it has to speak for and to the experiences of everyone in that group. It’s exhausting and a system set up so failure is the most likely option.

    More public transportation talk. This is why I’m always running late. 🙂

    I might go see Fiddler for Judy Kuhn.

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