Episode 83: Broadway Bound

Patty & Emily talk about their experience at the Broadway Flea Market this year. They discuss the stories of the week, including more Reed Birney/Tracy Letts confusion, Broadway bound musicals Prince of Broadway and Madame Sousatzka, and Leslie Odom, Jr.’s upcoming Christmas CD. We’ve also hit rock bottom as Grumpy Cat appeared in Cats.

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One thought on “Episode 83: Broadway Bound

  1. I enjoyed the Flea this year. I wasn’t wowed by the selection this year or last year. Last year I went earlier and I was able to find some things that were special to me. This year I went mid-late afternoon. I spent too much time waiting around the Playbill tables but I’m glad I did as I didn’t find much at the other tables. I wish more of the Playbill tables were organized. One table had an alphabetized system which was helpful for those looking for a specific show. I got a bunch of mugs and shirts for cheap. Practical stuff. And also Zhivago merch because I could not help myself.

    Ahaha. You two describing street fairs…

    I will not go because I rarely go to anything farther from the city than Brooklyn. But I’m curious about Rags. It was one of the Playbills I found at the Flea.

    The Grumpy cat thing reminded me… I met Tinkerbelle the dog at Holiday Inn. She didn’t sit near me but I saw her outside. I need to email you guys about it.

    I saw Carolee while she was manning one of the tables at the Flea.

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