Paper Mill Playhouse: What is The Other Josh Cohen

We were tasked with making a video for The Other Josh Cohen at Paper Mill Playhouse, but first we needed to get to the bottom of what exactly this show was about. With the help of Kate Wetherhead (Submissions Only), we learned all about this new musical by Steven Rosen and David Rossmer. Or did we?

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A Prequel to The Wizard of Oz? Don’t Mind if We Do!

If you love The Wizard Of Oz, (we’re assuming you do because if you don’t who are you?) then we highly recommend you take in The Woodsman at 59E59. The show is a beautifully directed piece about how the Tin Man became the Tin Man. It’s only about an hour and uses almost no dialogue at all. The story is told through movement, puppets, and imagination. The cast is wonderful and flows together perfectly. Check out some production photos below and don’t miss this show! Now all we need is to see a prequel in the same style for all the Wizard Of Oz characters! Wicked who?