Mamma Mia! (Here We Go Again)

Hey shmazettes!

On December 5th, we were lucky enough to attend a Bloggers Night at Mamma Mia. Here are our thoughts:

*They gave us pizza! Stop by Two Boots in Hell’s Kitchen for a slice of the Mamma Mia pie. Emily doesn’t eat sausage, so she enjoyed a plain slice. Patty loves a good sausage, so she loved it.

*They are also doing a special Winter Sale right now, with all Orchestra seats $49, $59, or $79. We’re broke, so we try to see as many shows as we can as cheaply as we can; and we’ve paid more for seats in the last row of theatres.

*Emily had seen Mamma Mia twice before, once in Seattle and once on Broadway with Beth Leavel. Patty had only seen the movie. Which we obviously saw together.

*We both agree that Lisa Brescia can SANG (she was an Elphaba, after all). Though we disagreed on one point: Emily thought she looked like Jodie Foster. Patty thought she looked like Laura Benanti, which Emily could see if she had brown hair.

*This show has held up much better than another long-running show we recently saw. (CoughChicagoCough)

*Patty felt that the costumes could use an update, while Emily thought they were appropriate for a Turn-of-the-Millennium Period Piece.

*Patty was irritated by the pre-recorded vocals (this is Broadway, after all), but Emily didn’t even notice them.

*At any jukebox musical, drunk, dancing audience members are always fun to watch.

*And as long as whoever is playing Donna sings her face off during “The Winner Takes It All,” Mamma Mia is worth it. Especially if it’s Meryl Streep, no matter how old she is.