Macbeth at Lincoln Center

For a show whose name can’t be spoken within the walls of a theatre, Macbeth seems to be on everyone’s tongue these days. Lincoln Center is mounting a production starring Ethan Hawke, with Jack O’Brien as director. We’ll be seeing it soon, but here’s what Lincoln Center has to say about it:

In a production drenched in black, and glinting with blood red and dazzling white, MACBETH reveals itself to be Shakespeare’s most powerful and darkest nightmare; a terrifying parable for our own time in which we, too, are urged to take more and more chances, whatever the consequences. Shakespeare has the answer: MACBETH is the consequence. We must beware!

And a trailer:

Macbeth will be opening tomorrow, November 21st, and it just so happens we have a discount code we can share with you! It’s only good through tomorrow, so get those tickets fast! Use code MACBLOG89 on or visit this link.

For more info on Lincoln Center, check out their:
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Becoming Dr. Ruth Ticket Giveaway!

What is more therapeutic than a night at the theatre? A night at the theatre dedicated to “America’s favorite sex therapist!”

BECOMING DR. RUTH tells the story of Karola Ruth Siegel, the girl who became Dr. Ruth – from surviving The Holocaust to joining the Israeli Haganah as a sniper, to receiving her doctorate and becoming America’s favorite sex therapist. It recounts her life with warmth, wisdom and impressible joy. Debra Jo Rupp (best known as Kitty Forman on “That 70’s Show”) stars in this show “The New York Times” calls, “INSPIRING AND HIGHLY ENJOYABLE!”

So now it’s your turn to tell us how therapeutic theatre is. Share your favorite sexy Broadway show tune in the comments for this post and be entered to win two (2) tickets to BECOMING DR. RUTH. A winner will be announced on Monday, November 11th.

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Patty & Emily at A Time to Kill

If musicals are our favorite form of theatre, ’90s courtroom dramas may be our favorite form of film. Especially if Sandra Bullock is in them. So how excited were we when we found out A Time to Kill was being adapted by Rupert Holmes for the stage?! And even after we found out that we didn’t get to choose the murderer in the end, we still couldn’t wait.


The set was pretty cool, but having most of the action take place in the courtroom seemed to confine the play. Much of the real drama seemed to take place offstage, through sound effects or phone calls. The moment the audience actually saw the danger and urgency of the case, when a giant cross burned on stage, was effective, but a little short.

The actors, however, were fantastic, particularly Sebastian Arcelus and Tonya Pinkins. Though Tonya was only in a few scenes, her presence was powerful and heartbreaking. As Jake Brigance, Sebastian carried the play well. After all, he was the one who was usually reacting to phone calls and offstage sound effects. The play was a lot funnier (which was a little weird, tone-wise) than the movie, and he gave the character a nice wit. Being fans of Sebastian to begin with, we can’t wait to see him leading more shows.

If you’re looking for quick and witty courtroom back-and-forth with drama and some great performances, go see A Time to Kill at the Golden. But if you’re looking for really sweaty actors, rent the movie. For tickets: