Sunday Funday!

Hey guys! Here’s a fun thing about our website: when we go to smaller events or just do fun things, but don’t make a video about it, we’ll put up a little write-up on the site! Well, this past Sunday, we did two fun things!
In the afternoon, we headed over to the Shubert to see our pal Chad Kimball’s last show of Memphis. The energy in the theatre was electric, and the love and support the crowd was giving Chad was awesome. There were wolf whistles, ovations, and one “Get it!” to Montego. But one of the best parts was when Chad came out the stage door. Who doesn’t want people waving pictures of their head on sticks? Plus, everything is better with confetti.
After Memphis, we headed to a music video shoot for Gavin Creel. He needed extras, and we were lucky enough to be chosen! We had so much fun, and the song is really amazing. It has a great message of equality, which goes along with Gavin’s organization Broadway Impact. Andrew Keenan-Bolger directed the video, and it’s gonna be shmazing. Keep your eyes out for it! We were jumping up and down for like two hours!